New Orleans’ Botanica Macumba

Among other things, Botanica Macumba is an occult supply shop located at 3154 Saint Claude Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70117. Some owners are O.T.O. initiates. They do mail order business besides operating as a brick and mortar establishment. In their own words:

“Botanica Macumba is a working collective with backgrounds in a few related traditions. We are God-brothers and neighbors. It is our utmost hope to provide affordable spiritual products, tools, and services to those in need both in our neighborhood and abroad. To this end, the four owners have joined together their time and experience with traditions ranging from Ocha, Hatian Vodou, Quimbanda, Ceremonial Magic, and the devotion to Santisima Muerte. While each particular road may be more or less suited to any given individual, we are confident that the friends that visit us will find something to address whatever project, goal, or malady they are currently dealing with. Further, where an issue stands outside of our expertise, we are very careful to direct our clients to a network of initiates, priests, and practitioners who can join us to assist you. We are also building a community and we invite every sincere individual to come and share the bounty and hospitality we hope to engender. Botanica Macumba is not a place to empty your wallet and leave hungry. We hope that we can either provide you with the spiritual tools you need to succeed or the hospitality, sustenance, and community that will help you find those tools for yourself. We are also excited to share, recognizing the rich body of knowledge that already exists in the City of New Orleans and withing the families of our various traditions. It is always wonderful to meet long standing devotees, those in service, and also those who have just begun their own pondering. Come and share with us and we will, of course, be joyed to share with you.

“Of interest to Thelemites might be our line of of Babalon candles, Spanish Language Liber AL, Abramelin Oil, and our soon to be released Babalon work book designed for sorcery rather than devotion or sex magick.”

(504) 657-0059

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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