Today is National Sex Day!

Sexy silhouette of a couple in bed.

Today, June 9, is National Sex Day!

According to the Daily Mail, “Online sex toy retailer Lovehoney surveyed 4400 people on sexual behaviour. They found the average duration for sex was 19 minutes.” How do you stack up between the sheets?

The Daily Mail also reports that “40 per cent of people said their ideal sex session would last more than 30 minutes.” How long SHOULD sex ideally last?

Urban Dictionary tells us, “The reason National Sex Day is on June 9th is because 6/9 closely resembles the popular sex position 69.” Well, okay then, if you’re in the United States that’s true. In other countries less so. National Sex Day.

Ask Men: World Celebrates National Sex Day

In other news, National Orgasm Day is July 31. By all means, feel free to celebrate early!

Man has the right to love as he will. Many Thelemites are sex magicians. Your brave author tries to help.



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