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 From the people that brought you the ‘Thai Occult’, Jenx and friends have produced yet another fine publication. This time covering the highly recognisable but little understood occult art of ‘ Sak Yant’ the art of Magical Tattooing from Thailand.  BWH 


The art of Sak Yant, the magical tattoos of Thailand has become a world phenomenon but as yet, few have revealed what they actually constitute, what the designs mean, the languages and the types of ink used, all of which adds to their power. In this new work on the subject, interviews with the makers have revealed their views on the ancient origins, the practices that have to be upheld for them to work as a talisman on the skin and even the practice methods needed to be able to tattoo using the traditional rod. The section on how to become a Sak Yant Ajarn may also be of interest to many.

Nine of Thailand’s great makers have given extensive interviews to substantiate their ideas and the methods used to bestow the various attributes that the Sak Yant give to the bearer. There is even included a compendium of designs and the ideas pertaining to the changing use of images in modern times. The book hopes to set the record straight as to what should be present in a Sak Yant to make them work and the training that each maker has undertaken to be able to gain the title of a Sak Yant Ajarn.
The Thai Occult Sak Yant Book’ –


by Jenx and Ajarn Metta comes in two editions.
The Gold Edition is distinct in two ways. The front cover is the usual black but the image has gold hot foil stamping to make it distinct from the standard silver edition. Included in each of these gold editions is a hand drawn image that has been used in the compendium of designs in the book.

All these designs have been made on the traditional hand made Saa Paper of Northern Thailand, created from the pulp of the bark of the mulberry tree. This paper has been used for the grimoires that were copied with each generation. It is as rough textured paper that is notoriously difficult to use as mistakes cannot be corrected.
These designs have been made by Ajarn Metta and blessed with a sheet of gold leaf. During the whole process of creating the image and the spell, the relevant kata was chanted and they have a presence to them. It is pot luck as to which design you receive, some are quite simple, some very complex and some in other languages than the usual Khom script.

The Silver Edition
Published by Timeless – 2016 France
16 x 24 cm – 284 pages in colours – Hardcover
The author of The Thai Occult series of works has here been joined by Ajarn Metta in the hope of clearing some of the misconceptions of the art of and bringing clarity to what actually constitutes a Sak Yant. This is the standard edition for the book, which has a hot pressed silver foil image on the cover.

The actual content for each edition is the same and contain the following chapters through 284 pages.

Glossary of Terms
The History of Sak Yant
The Scripts – Mon, Lanna and Khom
The Shapes in Sak Yant
The Unalom and Yant Na
Heart Kata
The Inks
Sak Yant Rods
What constitutes a real Sak Yant?
Becoming a Sak Yant Ajarn
Ajarn Dang of Chiang Mai
Ajarn Samart of Bangkok
Ajarn Rung of Chiang Mai
Ajarn Hom of Hua Hin
Ajarn Brum of Chiang Rai
Ajarn Salaboonkong of Chiang Mai
Ajarn Moss of Nakhon Pathom
Kruba Ajarn Jae Sada
Ajarn Apichai of Chiang Mai
A Compendium of Sak Yant designs

As The Thai Occult book sold out quickly, the initial print run for the silver edition is 800 but we want the book to be available for the remainder of 2017, allowing the fans of Sak Yant to pick one up before it sells out. There may be an extra print run for the silver edition depending on sales but the gold edition WILL NOT be reprinted.
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