Theosophical Society Preparing to Post Footage from 1926 Online

Massimo Introvigne posted to his FB page footage he shot at the Besant conference in London recently of what he believed to be a restored newsreel of Theosophical Society head Annie Besant and Krishnamurti  — a young man the Theosophists were grooming to be a World Teacher. He noted that if features “a Co-Masonic procession, a Liberal Catholic one, and towards the end Besant showing to Krishnamurti  ‘At the Feet of the Master’.”

Janet Kershner, the Archivist of the Theosophical Society,  then updated the posting stating that “The film was actually produced by the American Theosophical Society rather than as a newsreel.” It will eventually be released on YouTube, on a new channel that will feature vintage films and lectures that should launch at year’s end.

The Society’s website is:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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