Thelemic Inspired VR short wins Youth Jury Award

Thelemic Inspired VR short wins Youth Jury Award

Awarded by the Youth Jury composed of Eugenio Piazza, Bianca Gagliardi, Antonella Stelitano, Francesco Minniti, Giulio Lattanzi, Salva Malouk and Angela Ranieri. The jury comes from the world of education and the University and was involved in the dual role of Jury and ambassador assigned to: The 7th night of Thelema: A Virtual Ritual by Gianluigi Perrone (China), 2017. The motivation is the following: the macabre dance of the witches and the crazy dance of Hecate have seduced the under-25 public that thanks to the virtual reality letting themselves be captivated by the esoteric atmospheres in a vortex of bodies of forms and music. Based on the story of Thelema, an esoteric religion linked to the philosophy of the occultist Aleister Crowley, the short exploits the immersive technology to recreate the choreography and the setting of the true ritual by dragging the viewer into a spiritual and artistic journey out of the ordinary.

Si chiude VRE Virtual Reality Experience

Barry William Hale

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