Thelemic Inspired Short make Cannes VR Cut

The 7th Night of Thelema

I met the irrepresable Italian Director, Writer, Producer Gianluigi Perrone in Beijing some years back who tracked me down and insisted that we meet to talk about Magick! 

Gian has two shorts that made the cut for Cannes new VR catagory a Science Fiction entitled ‘COME CLOSER’ and the Thelemic inspired ‘The 7th Night of Thelema’.

“Gratitude, hail and worship to all the souls that made the first thelemic virtual reality ritual ever before and after possible. To the Shaman Queen, Inko Di Ö, if I am the head she is the egg, to the Harpies made of fire, themselves, Surzhana Radnaeva and Cheryl Ita, to the Masked Dancer Debbie-Lee Van Ginkel, and to the creator of the Hexagram Mask, Sonia Di Clemente, for being a constant inspiration of life, to Barry William Hale for giving the drop that makes the difference, to my assistant director and neurological supporter Julia Makhalova,for the infinite patience, to the Crow Bartender, Niko De La Faye, and of course to my production partners Jennifer Qiao and Jack Ge (which I will push on facebook soon), to Ya Ya the Master of the Light, to Barbara ,the Mistress of the Light, to the extras Alex Di Tullio, the pig, Warda Mussa, the Panther, Giada e Giulia, LeTv, Nuria and Matthieu at Modernista, a location which is one of the main characters of the Ritual, to Saturno Butto’ for neverending inspiring, and overall, of course, to the Beast 666 himself, thy beloved Aleister Crowley!And to Inko Di Ö,Debbie-Lee Van Ginkel, Surzhana Radnaeva, Cheryl Ita, Yaya Rotem, Julia Makhalova, Barbara Chen, Vivien Villani, Vincent Petitjean, Fabrizio Giannese, Jennifer Qiao, Jack Ge. And thank you to Sonia. Love is the Law. Love under Will.” – Gianluigi Perrone

The 7th Night of Thelema – May the 20th – 16.00. Palais du Festival, Level ! – Aisle 14. NEXT VR Theatre.

Barry William Hale

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