ThelemaCon Being Held in Minneapolis Next Weekend

ThelemaCon is a Symposium on Thelemic Magick and Mysticism being held October 11-13 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Registration, hotel information, and more details may be found on the event’s website:  The event’s FB page says:

“ThelemaCon is a privately organized event, not sponsored or hosted by any organization. The conference is open to the public, regardless of any organizational affiliation (or lack thereof.)

“We have assembled a stellar team of speakers for this conference, including David Shoemaker, Lon Milo DuQuette, Andrew Ferrell, Lauren Gardner, and Harper Feist. Among the speaker team, we have over a hundred years of practice, study and contemplation of topics related to Thelema.

“Our focus is on Thelemic principles, lived daily. As such, our workshops and lectures will be focused on applied subjects near and dear to a practicing magicians’ heart – personal practice, breathing, meditation, temple skills. Further, this meeting presents an opportunity for fellowship with other people following this path. We intend to present an inspirational, friendly and useful curriculum.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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