New Banksy Installation Unveiled

I could launch into a whole lengthy nuanced discussion about the intersection of Art and Magick but Crowley said it all: “Magick is the Art and Science of creating change in accordance to Will.” Few actions are so pure an expression of that as works of Art per se. I hope I’ll never cease to be overwhelmed by the achievements of Banksy, be he an individual or a collective, or the former guiding the latter. Here’s news about his latest work, published by This Colossal:

“Tony the Frosted Flakes tiger sacrificed as a living room rug, wooden dolls handing their babies off to smugglers in freight truck trailers, and welcome mats stitched from life jackets: rather than offering an aspirational lifestyle, one South London storefront window depicts a capitalist dystopia. Created by Banksy and appearing overnight, Gross Domestic Product is the latest installation to critique global society’s major issues of forced human migration, animal exploitation, and the surveillance state.

The temporary installation, which will be on view for two weeks in the Croydon neighborhood, incorporates multiple window displays for a shop that is not in fact open to passersby…”

Read the whole piece – especially you lucky Londoners!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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