The Zinzolin Book of Occult Fiction Edited by Brendan Connell.

Publishers Weekly is offering this tasty title,  The Zinzolin Book of Occult Fiction, edited by Brendan Connell. The posted description says:

“Connell brings together 22 seminal tales of the occult, all written in England between 1888 and 1911 and encompassing everything from foundational esoterica to weird horror. In Arthur Conan Doyle’s “Playing With Fire,” a group of friends attend a séance and witness a medium channeling answers from beyond the veil of death (or perhaps it’s all a hoax). A doctor strives to divine the location of the soul by tinkering with the brain of a dead man in Aleister Crowley’s “The Soul-Hunter.” “The Enchanted Woman” by Anna Kingsford crafts a sprawling, protean dreamscape in which the biblical Eve has been captured by a prehistoric sorcerer, fundamentally altering the course of human history. H.G. Wells delivers a tale of two friends who stumble upon the feat of astral projection only to discover that their nocturnal out-of-body experiences come with horrific consequences in the surreal “The Stolen Body.” The tales are by turns didactic, contemplative, funny, and horrific, though many of the earliest entries will prove impenetrable to readers searching for narrative coherence. Together, they knit an intricate picture of England’s occult literary revival that manages to be both ahead of its time and classic. This will prove indispensable for genre enthusiasts and historians alike. (June)”

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