The Temple Of Venus – A Philadelphia Fringe Festival Show!

This coming Friday, September 13 Thelesis Oasis, O.T.O. will house the Temple of Venus.The Temple Of Venus – A Philadelphia Fringe Festival Show! The event page states:

“The Temple of Venus is open for worship and wonderment at 9pm on Friday the thirteenth of September at Thelesis Oasis, a wheelchair accessible venue. This 90-minute immersive experience is an ode to beauty and love, presented through interactive hook suspension and rope installations, accompanied with burlesque, poetry, and ritual art. For one night only, enjoy a submersion of the senses with curated cocktails and snacks as you explore an ancient artform brought new life in the city of love, in honor of Venus. General admission is $50, tickets will be available for purchase at beginning in August. The show will begin at 9pm at 1627 North 2nd Street.

“What is the Temple of Venus?
Holding space with light, sound, scent, and taste, The Collective of Jawn invites attendees to gain a new perspective on what they hold as beautiful and witness amazing feats of flesh and performance. Attendees are encouraged to explore the variety of art installations and altars at The Temple, which will feature a cast of performers throughout the evening, in addition to elevated representations of Venus and Cupid. Guests will have the opportunity offer up their intentions, hopes and wishes to the Goddess of Love and Beauty, receiving a custom-made memento in return.

“What is the Collective of Jawn?
The Collective of Jawn is a group of multidisciplinary practitioners who have come together to weave their magick and create beautiful environments. The Temple of Venus will feature suspension of Amanda Mandalay and Will Atkins by Orban Isma of The Skin Project, performances from Eyrie Twilight, Miss V and others of Hexwork, visual alchemy from Brent of Tiv Photos, and coordination from the creative minds of ELECTROCUTE. “Beauty that exists on the fringe has always fascinated people, as strange and bewildering as it may seem,” says Amanda Mandalay, Creative Director of ELECTROCUTE. “The Temple of Venus is a chance for us to showcase some of the more cultural aspects of the occult in modern-day terms. Beyond ancient history and beauty standards, I am happy to say that our show presents a taste of Occulture that is diverse, decadent, and playful in its respect of the divine.”

“What is the Philadelphia Fringe Festival?
The Fringe Festival is a 3-week long celebration of innovation and creativity in modern showcraft. Each September, the Festival explodes into every nook and cranny in neighborhoods across the city with over 1,000 artistically daring shows, including works curated by FringeArts, and works that are produced independently and promoted by FringeArts. The party continues late night, every night, with music, food and drink at the Delaware River waterfront FringeArts center. This vast assemblage of curated and self-produced innovators offers an unparalleled opportunity to see a cross section of the world’s greatest experimenters at one time, in one city.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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