THE TEMPLE — a Gesamtkunstwerk by VE RA Kochubey in collaboration with Mischa Fanghaenel — is a shrine for the techno generation: a holy space where paintings, photography, techno music and magic take on a new form of spirituality and alchemical mix. A multimedia visual experience is realised by the DJs RØDHÅD & Kobosil, together with contemporary dancer Valentin Tszin and a light installation by Berlin-based creative duo Licht Pfad.

THE TEMPLE opened its doors on September 14th, 2017 at Postbahnhof Berlin as part of Berliner Liste (15-17 September 2017) — the city’s longest-standing contemporary art fair, which runs alongside Berlin Art Week 2017.

Referencing the aesthetics of the Russian orthodox church, a 6-meter-high iconostasis of KOCHUBEY primal, large-scale paintings set THE TEMPLE’s tone on the one hand, showing psychedelic visions inspired by techno music and rave culture of Berlin. On the other hand the blurred vision of Mischa Fanghaenel’s photography creates an intimate space for introspection. A DJ table serves as an altar, flanked by real life church benches and candles.

A holy space for contemporary times, THE TEMPLE is dedicated to evoking an oceanic feeling of belonging for the techno generation: those worshiping the cult of the self through fearless art, dance, lines and form.

THE TEMPLE is produced by AP Entertainment.

Postbahnhof Berlin, Straße der Pariser Kommune 8, 10243 Berlin

Vera Kochubey
Mischa Fanghaenel
Valentin Tszin

Dj Kobosil

Dj Rødhåd

Costumes by UY

Event hosted in collaboration with Anaid Art Gallery

A special thanks goes to our media partner:

Dressed like Machines


Barry William Hale

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