The Sapta Matrika Cult

Ferocious – A Folk Tantric Manual on the Sapta Matrika Cult is currently available from Theion Publishing. The posted description says:

The transgressive cultus of the wild, blood-thirsty and demon-slaying Matrikas (“little Mothers”) is amongst the most fascinating but least treated areas of South Asian spirituality and magic. Exploring the rich history of the Matrika Cult as well as the tantric background in which it has survived, Ferocious takes the reader deep into initiatic terrain. The goddesses are examined as a group followed by chapters for each individual Matrika, elaborating Her unique origins, iconography and mantras. An appendix offers a full treatise on an eighth Matrika sometimes worshipped with the other seven.

Historically available to lineage initiates but equally to self-initiated individuals, this work also discusses the Matrika Cult in modern times, and offers a great amount of practical guidance for those daring adepts wishing to engage in a close spiritual relationship with one or more of these furious deities. Following their highly acclaimed Underworld, the Sepulcher Society’s Ferocious  again combines rigorous scholarly investigation and depth with the perspective of magical practitioners.

This tome is published in an extremely limited Auric deluxe edition of 56 copies and a limited standard edition of 756 copies.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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