The Saint-Angel Circuit

Here’s this week’s excerpt from Jason Miller’s Magick Monday Newsletter.

The Saint-Angel Circuit

I think most people know that electricity will only flow through a system that is a complete circuit. It’s not enough to hook a wire between a battery and a bulb – you need another wire running back to make a circuit. No loop, no light.

Note that prayers for Saints and Madonnas often end with Pray for us,
Prayers to Angels by contrast are for carrying out direct action in the name of god. I call this the Saint-Angel Circuit.

Pray to the Saint for sending your requests to the Divine, then pray to the angel or holy spirit for carrying out the order from the Divine to earth.

A Prayer to St Cyprian 

Conjure an image in the mind of St Cyprian standing at the mouth of a cave holding his book and crosier. Two lions have emerged from the cave and now stand at either side of him at his feet. St Michael stands at Cyprian’s right hand, and St Raphael stands at his left.

Oh Cyprian Holy Thaumaturge : Saint and Sorcerer, Martyr and Magus, bless me. Take my prayers and spells and make them your own.
Tell them to Christ the Savior in Heaven, who exorcised the afflicted and healed the sick.
Tell them to Lucifer the Liberator in Hell, who fell for freedom and commands all demons.
When you speak these spells, they will cease to be my words, but yours.
Oh Holy Cyprian, you who equally partakes of the Mass and the Sabbat, bless my efforts to follow you in your path. You who commingled with angels, devils, and earthly spirits, grant the power to command the spirits as you did, and as Solomon and Manasses did before you.

Oh Archangel Michael, you who commands Heavens Armies, stand at Cyprian right hand protect us from the Pandemic and shield us from contagion.
Oh President Marbas, you who causes and cures disease, stand at Cyprian’s right side and drive the pandemic down into the underworld.
Oh Archangel Raphael, Divine physician, stand at Cyprian’s left hand, heal us from disease and slow the spread of the Corona Virus until it grinds to a halt. .
Oh President Buer, Lion of Hell, stand at Cyprian’s left side and heal us from sickness. Make medicine swiftly available that we may speedily drive the plague from this land.

Protect Us and those in our sphere, from illness and death.
Shield the workers who are exposed to the virus.
Inspire the doctors working on a cure.


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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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