Holy Days of Thelema Art Project

The Master of Alombrados Oasis in the Valley of New Orleans has started up an art project there that we thought we’d share with the rest of the world. A sacral divertissment for our difficult times

Dear Ones,

I’ve spurred an art project in the valley of New Orleans, wanna play too?
Holy Days of Thelema art project!
Make a costume or an arrangement of items corresponding to a holy day and create a photograph or submit an image, song, dance, collage, or painting you’ve created. We can share our art to brighten the season. If you’d like to record yourself doing a particular reading, that’d be sweet.
There are so many approaches to this holy day project!
Find a piece of art that encapsulates the idea, Record yourself reading the holy book chapter, Take a photograph that depicts the essence of the card or chapter,
Create a scene from the holy book, Recreate the tarot card, Bonus points for interpretative dance,
Calendar of chapters attached
Master or Alombrados Oasis, O.T.O.
ZeroEqualsTwo.net would like to amplify the signal here. Please submit – Jpegs of your art or photos, Soundcloud links to recordings of readings from the Books, YouTube links to any performances and we’ll post the good uns on this blog. You can email me at pio@oto-usa.org

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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