The Orphic Hymns

UK occult publishing house Hadean Press has announced an upcoming publication of Orphic Hymns Grimoire by Sara L. Mastros. Their posted announcement says:

“Today we are delighted to open pre-orders for the hardcover edition of Orphic Hymns Grimoire by Sara L. Mastros, who has transformed the devotional hymns of Orpheus, the oracular hero of ancient Greece, into a functional, working grimoire for contemporary magicians.

“The Orphic Hymns have inspired generations of poets, musicians, and playwrights as exemplars of archaic mytho-poetry. In her bold translations, Mastros stays true to the original intent and beauty of the hymns while adding her own contemporary flair. In addition to the new translations, this book also contains fascinating historical and social commentary on the hymns from a feminist, pagan viewpoint, as well as spells and devotional practices for votaries of the Greek gods, and brilliant colour-your-own-ikons. This second edition includes new commentary and more than eighty ikon illustrations. Additionally, Mastros provides many ideas for deploying the ikons in spellcraft as well as spells that use the ikons themselves.

“The hardcover edition is being printed on 90gsm Munken Pure white paper, covered in purple-blue Dubletta cloth with Wibalin recycled quartz endpapers, white head and tail bands, and white foiling on front and spine. Limited to 300 copies.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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