The Occult Nineteenth Century

Palgrave Studies in New Religions and Alternative Spiritualities book series is publishing a new title this month, The Occult Nineteenth Century Roots, Developments, and Impact on the Modern World, edited by Lukas Pokorny and Franz Winter. The publisher’s description is:

“The nineteenth century witnessed a proliferation of alternative religious currents and practices, appropriating earlier traditions, entangling geographically distinct spiritual discourses, and crafting a repository of mindscapes eminently suitable to be accommodated by later generations of thinkers and practitioners. Penned by specialists in the field, this volume examines important themes and figures pertaining to this occult amalgam and its resonance into the twentieth century and beyond. Global guises of the occult, ranging from the Americas and Europe to India, are variously addressed, with special attention to the crucial role of mesmerism and the origins of modern yoga.

“Lukas Pokorny is Professor and Chair in Religious Studies at the Department of Religious Studies, University of Vienna, Austria. Franz Winter is Professor of Religious Studies at the Department of Religious Studies, University of Graz, Austria.”

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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