The Liesborn Gospel Book and its Mysterious Prayer Wheel


The Liesborn Prayer Wheel was discovered recently on the blank first page of a copy of the Liesborn Gospel Book. This was an unusual find in an already rare piece of work. This medieval tome is one of only five known copies with rare first pages in existence. It is due to this, amongst other reasons, that it is considered as one of the most valuable Gospels in the world. The seller’s asking price for the Gospels, for instance, is said to be $ 6.5 million. What is the Liesborn Prayer Wheel, and how did it come to be?

Ixel Balamke

Ixel Balamke was one of the two founding members of Sekhet-Bast-Ra in Oklahoma City. Currently living in the Twin Cities, she is currently the LBM of Leaping Laughter Lodge. She also is a Meanad and lover of fine wines. Her life long partner Hunahpu and she are well known for their Wine Tastings at NOTOCON. Together they have a small wine cellar that currently holds over 300 bottles.

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