Latest Episode of Living Thelema; David Shoemaker’s Lecture From Notocon X

Check out the latest episode of Living Thelema, released just a few days ago: “Living Thelema: Outside the Temple”. In this episode, Brother David Shoemaker presents a recording of his recent lecture at
NOTOCON 2015 in Austin, Texas, in which he discusses important ways to live out your Will in the world through the principles of Light, Life, Love and Liberty.
It’s the best promulgation strategy of all!

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Living Thelema

Frater Lux Ad Mundi


  1. Sounds like a great talk and I look forward to listening!

    Just to mention, “promulgation” means simply to openly declare or publish, to make known, make public, publicize, spread, communicate, propagate, disseminate, broadcast, promote, or preach.

    The act of living out your Will in the world through the principles of Light, Life, Love and Liberty is important, of course, and Crowley discusses this importance plainly in De Lege Libellum and Khabs Am Pekht.

    Living as an exemplary Thelemite is the best form of persuasion, which replaces argumentation. It is not in itself a promulgation strategy at all, however, by definition. Even if a person is impressed by your life, they still need to hear about Thelema to connect the dots. 🙂

    93s to infinity…

    P.S. FYI the formatting on this entry seems broken? I don’t know how to describe, exactly, but the text is going off the edge of the page. Quite unlike other entries here, so it seems to be this particular entry alone.

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