The Hormone that Makes You Fall in Love

A couple in love

This January, researchers at Imperial College London announced that the hormone kisspeptin can enhance activity in brain regions associated with sexual arousal and romantic love. In placebo-controlled trials, 29 healthy young men were injected with kisspeptin and their brains scanned using MRI. The researchers observed that kisspeptin boosted the activity in sexual arousal and romantic circuits in the brain.

Kisspeptin differs from drugs like Viagra, which only trigger a physiological response. “The team believe this shows kisspeptin boosts behavioural circuits associated with sex and love. They are particularly interested in how kisspeptin might be able to help people with psychosexual disorders and related problems with conceiving a baby,” report Andrea Mason and Martin Sayers of Imperial College.

Hormone Can Enhance Brain Activity Associated With Love and Sex.



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