The Fullness of Autumn

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“For I am divided for love’s sake, for the chance of union. This is the creation of the world, that the pain of division is as nothing, and the joy of dissolution all.” ~ Liber AL vel Legis, Ch. I v. 29-30
Beloved Friends & Community,
Sincerest Blessings to you All for the Fullness of Autumn,
The sacred work we celebrate incorporates the ancient esoteric theurgic technologies of ceremonial magick and transpersonal alchemy, the precursor to our modern science of chemistry. Magick has been defined by British occultist and mystic Aleister Crowley as, “The Art & Science of causing change to occur in conformity with Will.” We offer up a slight modification to this statement replacing the word “change” with that of “transformation”, which implies a distinct shift or metamorphosis within the very nature of our being.
Alchemy utilizes allegorical processes focussed on the transmutation of base metals, such as lead , into precious metals such as gold or silver. Both of these practices serve as metaphors for the refinement of specific spiritual processes within the alchemist. Wherein our common or mundane existence, including our unconscious “shadow” material within our psyche, serves as what the alchemists called, the “prima materia” or “first matter”; also referred to as “our lead”. This base matter was then subjected to a seven stage transformative operation which included the processes of: Calcination, Dissolution, Separation, Conjunction, Fermentation, Distillation and finally Coagulation. Within the hundreds of esoteric alchemical texts, when this operation, known as the Magnum Opus or Great Work, was successfully adhered to, it would result in the creation of what was known in the alchemical literature as the “Philosophers’ Stone”; a perfected state of being within the consciousness of the alchemist that allowed everything they touched to also be transformed or perfected.
The high formula of the alchemists was revealed within the Latin phrase, “Solve et Coagula” which literally means “To Dissolve & Recombine or Coagulate”. This profound formula serves to accurately describe the Great Work that unfolds through the Entheogenic experience and is the very basis of the powerful transformations of consciousness which often occur within the lives of those who courageously choose to partake in our holy Eucharist. It is through this experience of dissolution (Solve) of the human ego and the subsequent vast expansion of consciousness released through our Eucharist – which psychedelic researcher & professor Robin Carhart-Harris of the Imperial College of London’s Center for Psychedelic Research refers to as the “Entropic Brain Theory”. This theory posits the idea that by vastly expanding our normal state of conscious awareness, we are able to then release or transmute this built up shadow material, generally viewed as arising from past trauma, depression, anxiety or an incongruence or misalignment in our present ways of being.
Once released in this manner, our consciousness then begins its process of reintegration (Coagula) or coagulation and we return to “baseline” consciousness, yet now free from the hold that this shadow material may have previously had upon us. And it is through this process that we are allowed to come into higher vibrational states of consciousness and achieve greater dynamic well-being in our lives. This has been shown through several research studies conducted by the John Hopkins University team, compiled from anonymous survey reports provided by those who have partaken of this powerful sacrament; leading to reports of significant improvements in mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety in those who have participated.
Such is one aspect of the Great Work of our community. At least on the personal level. Yet, we hold that such a dynamic release of this shadow material and the resultant harmonization that it can engender is currently taking place on a global and transpersonal level. This is one reason why we are witnessing such an increased level of disintegration and collapse in many of our human, cultural systems within the world at this time. This is the process of the Great Unweaving; the dissolution of our dysfunctional modes of being that are no longer serving us as a species and are actually causing great harm to us and our world at this time. This is the collective shadow material that must be faced, addressed, confronted, released, resolved and transmuted before the harmonizing processes of Coagulation can effectively take place. Allowing us, our planetary systems and our world as a whole to come into this higher state of being that will subsequently allow for the necessary healing and transformation of our planet to actually occur.
We each play a uniquely important part in this process, my siblings. And it is vital for us to understand and take an active role in this collective process of healing by tending to our own inner harmony, health and well being. We must really ask ourselves…. What needs to be shed from our lives that no longer serves us and our close family, friends allies and community? What can we do for ourselves and those around us to raise our frequency of consciousness to best facilitate this shift in our lives? Each of us are being called at this critical time to answer these questions for ourselves and then to boldly undertake the dynamic action required of us to foster this burgeoning personal and global transformation….this Great Work of collective healing of our world.
Let us each commit ourselves to this Great Work!
And in doing so, may we continually offer up our deep gratitude for this life we are all so blessed to share. Even with all the challenges we may be currently facing and moving through. May we remember to give thanks for this amazing and miraculous gift that we have all been given and the remembrance of what a miracle it is just to be alive and incarnated in these miraculous human forms. This grace of breathing and loving, of merging spirit into matter. This amazing opportunity for expansion, growth and dynamic transformation. For the possibility of co-creating heaven, right here on Earth in this New Aeon paradigm that we are co-creating together. Even as we dance upon this razor’s edge of societal collapse and our very real, potential, imminent extinction – may we give eternal thanks for the awe and wonder that is this one precious life. For this opportunity we each have to reawaken into the eternal heart of the Divine…. again and again and again. Let us give deep praise and thanks to that One Source of all existence and creation, who is everywhere the center and whose circumference is nowhere found. May we all surrender into that infinite embrace which in our time calls all of us….. Home.
Letting Go of it All,

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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