The DNA Alphabet

The DNA Alphabet  by VH Frater BT is now available at fine online retailers everywhere. The posted description says, fairly enigmatically:

“There are some who call Latin ‘The Magician’s Language,’ Hebrew ‘The Divine Language,’ and Enochian ‘The Angelic Language.’ Well, it is my honor and a privilege to present to you: The Natural Language.

“Rather than evolved from Phoenician, or divined by Dee and Kelly, The DNA Alphabet and The Language of Life were written by Time itself, within the alembic of our Mother Earth, long before any human set foot upon Her. If ever there was a language written by the hand of the Vast, Eternal, and Unknowable, this is the one.”

This can be purchased here, among other places:

Honestly, I think I’d want a bit more detail before shelling out my ducats.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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