The Devil is Afoot in NY! with likely cohort – the Stephen Romano Gallery

Alex Snelgrove "Star of the Magi"

Alex Snelgrove “Star of the Magi”

"The Devil's Reign"
Stephen Romano Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition "The Devil's Reign", 
curated by High Priest of the Church of Satan, Peter H. Gilmore.

Brooklyn, NY – Church of Satan High Priest, Magus Peter H Gilmore, has curated an art exhibition and accompanying book to open at Stephen Romano Gallery in Brooklyn, New York.  The Devils Reign – Brooklyn features artwork by many of the world’s best known tattoo artists, and heavy metal illustrators, including Derek Hess, Tim Lehi, Derek Noble, Timothy Hoyer, Zac Sheinbaum, and Jondix.  About 30 selected works are included in the Brooklyn exhibition.  The Devils Reign first premiered last December at Florida based HOWL Gallery/Tattoo and has since received worldwide media attention.

April 1 2016 - April 30 2016 
Opening Reception and Book Release Party April 1st, 2016 (5-9pm)


Florian Bertmer "Seven Serpents"

Florian Bertmer “Seven Serpents”

Jondix "Baphomas"

Jondix “Baphomas”

Samantha Roman "Lilith"

Samantha Roman “Lilith”

Pale Horse "Through the Gateway"

Pale Horse “Through the Gateway”



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