The Crossroads of Astrolatry and Stellar Witchcraft

The UK based occult publishing house Hadean Press has announced their latest Guide To The Underworld title, The Red Dreaded Spindle, by author Sasha Ravitch. The posted description says:

“In The Red Dreaded Spindle, author Sasha Ravitch forges a pact negotiated at the crossroads of Astrolatry and Stellar Witchcraft, defined by a living relationship between the Witch and her initiation into the cultus of the Stinger Stars of Scorpius. This devotional guide weaves sanguinated silk threads into a web of research and observable phenomena, case studies and pattern-tracing, scried-spirits and gnosis from visionary ecstasies. The scarlet ligatures of folklore and spirit-work featured within these pages trace a celestial blueprint through which one crafts and consecrates a devotional stellar fetish via the light-refracting arte of starry witchcrafting.

“This latest Guide to the Underworld is available on our main site in both print and digital editions, and on our EU site in print, and will also be available on Amazon for Kindle.”

Order a copy:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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