The Clovenstone Workings

Robin Artisson has announced the publication of a new book The Clovenstone Workings on September 21. The FB post says:
“Though it took me 20 years to obtain the knowledge and experience base to write this, a book has been created by me and the incredible artist Molly McHenry that will be going on sale worldwide on September 21st of this year.
“This is the Witchcraft of an older age, the Early Modern Period: the range of time roughly between the 16th and 18th centuries. This is Witchcraft cruel, subtle, practical, and devious.
“Early Modern Witchcraft and its relevant history and folklore are given a very detailed treatment, drawing upon the emerging scholarly insights born from the Survey of Scottish Witchcraft, and the many related works of scholarship done by the creators of that incredible long-term study. Scholars like Emma Wilby and others have been drawn upon to support this vision of what Witchcraft was, and what it can still be, if we’re brave and careful.
The book itself has lots of ornaments, sigils, and other interior illustrations that I did, and it includes nine awesome images done by Molly- and her images bring this work roaring to life. I will be sharing samples of those glorious images here, over the next few weeks, along with passages from the book.
This book is 5 by 8 inches in cover size, about 230 pages, and will retail for $22.00 (US).
“This is a work I was born to write; a return, as it were, to the dark roots of “Robin Artisson” and what he became noted for writing about. But this is something different, too- a work I didn’t expect I’d have ready this soon. This is a work specifically about Witchcraft and Sorcery- a topic that I’ve not focused this directly upon in some time.
Order yours here:

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