Spellworking Without Divine Aid

Sorry this is late — here’s an excerpt from yesterday’s “Monday Magick Newsletter” from Jason Miller:

“THE DREAM: On the night of the new moon I had a dream that I was sitting on Deer Leap here in Vermont with the ghost of Valerie Worth. She was teaching me the secrets of rhyming magic and spell weaving.

“I had not thought about Valerie Worth in decades, so when I woke up I decided to spend an hour re-reading the Crones book of Words, which she wrote in 1969 in.… I swear I  didn’t know this until after the dream.…. Cornwall Vermont. Just a short skip from the overlook where the dream took place.

“THE SECRET: Most of the magic in that book and countless other spells throughout the world both old and new, don’t have invocations of Gods and Spirits in them. Just words, and sympathetic actions. I think these get dismissed a lot these days because people think “who is doing this work? It doesn’t even call upon a god! I need MORE POWER! 

“The idea that the spell you are using has to have gods and spirits and powers listed right there, sort of implies that you are not already plugged in to the powers that be.

“The secret I wanted to share is that if you are jacked in to the divine machinery, those words and actions carry the weight of spirit automatically. This is why I teach things like the Hekate Course, and the Black School Course, and Soon to be more courses that plug you in via very strategic and potent regular practice. Rhyming sets your words apart from the ordinary words, as does statements in sacred languages. Those words, coupled with a few symbolic actions is all you need sometimes because: 1. You are yourself a spirit capable of magic, and 2. You lead a life where offerings and connection with Gods and Spirits are a regular occurrence.

“You are no longer the supplicant approaching the awesome with offerings and requests. Your spirit has joined the retinue of the divine and is mediating that power.”

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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