The Casual Qabalah of Stranger Things

I don’t know if y’all have or are watching Netflix scifi/supernatural themed series “Stranger Things” (featuring Winnona Ryder and Matthew Bodine), but having finished viewing the first season I noted a few details that seemed to indicate some small acquaintance with the ceremonial magick basics. This wasn’t an effort to weave a tale that included exercises or discussion of The Art per se, but certain bits seemed inspired by some little knowledge.

So, in the fine tradition of goofy FB serial listing, I’ma gonna list the few things I noted, and I invite y’all to chime in with what grabbed your attention. Send emails to


I guess some of these might be spoilers, but not especially so. But if you’re worried about having ANY info about episodes you haven’t seen – STEER CLEAR.

  1. one of the main characters is an adolescent girl who’s escaped what’s apparently a government approved research facility. When asked her name she points to a small tatoo on her left arm that says “011.” Well, yes, “11” is a crucial number in magick for starters. Then there’s that “0.” So you have “0-1-1.” Now add in some basic mathematical operational symbols, say “= and +” and you wind up with 0=1+1, a Crowleyan formula describing the nature of manifest reality.
  2. this character is thus officially named “Eleven” but quickly acquires the nickname “El” (well it could be “Elle” but simply E-L is a more logical shortening of “Eleven”)
  3. one of the major plot devices is the existence of a parallel universe or plane of existence that appears to be exactly like ours but infused with necrotic presences – highly suggestive of the concept of the “reverse side” of the Tree of Life, or “night side” (as Kenneth Grant put it) a realm filled with impure spiritual forces arranged in Qabalistic theory as Qliphoth, the flip side of Sephiroth.

This is meant a FUN exercise and not a serious scholarly exegesis.  So send in your observations! And if anyone wants to take the time to come up with a serious exegesis – we’ll post that!


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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