The Καταρχαί of Hygromanteia

The ever-hustling UK occult publishing house Hadean Press has announced the opening of pre-orders for The Hours: The Καταρχαί of Hygromanteia by Mat Hadfield. The publisher’s description says:

The Hours explores the hidden depths of the Hygromanteia, the Greek precursor of the Key of Solomon, examining the nature and transmission of Magical Time through Greco-Egyptian practices to the present day. This form of Time is non-linear, cyclic, and mythic. We uncover some aspect of its expression in the North, upon the stellar axis upon which the Cosmos is set in motion, and investigate the cosmogonic Gods and Aerial Spirits which have been set there as sentinels through which we may negotiate. In this text we find, for the very first time, a reconstruction of the Names set over the Hours of the Days of the week as described by the Treatise of Solomon, and examine them in a new light, as the sublunar permutations of Planetary virtue.

Our hardcover edition is printed on 80gsm cream paper and bound in olive Wibalin buckram cloth, with black head and tail bands and black endpapers. This edition is limited to 400 copies. We expect it to begin shipping at the end of August.


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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