Terentyev Offers Free Transcriptions of Current 93 Pieces

Earlier this week, the Terentyev Music Publishing Company made the following announcement regarding work by OTO Cabinet member David Tibet, longtime primum mobile of Current 93:

“A year ago, on March 5, the complete transcription of Current 93 Soft Black Stars album was released. This was a beautiful event, for the fans of C93 were sincerely happy and inspired by the edition, their feedback was only positive and even better, and many spent the joyful hours of performing the music they love.

“To celebrate 1 year of the Company’s public activity and the release of its first edition, secured with the kind permission from David TIbet and Michael Cashmore, we share 3 songs from the Soft Black Stars album as complete piano and vocal transcriptions.

“This is a free edition available for download on our website, terentyevpublishing.com, and includes the introductions, written by David and Michael, the Russian translations, and the songs “The Signs In The Stars”, “Whilst The Night Rejoices Profound And Still” and “Moonlight, Or Other Stars, Or Other Fields”. The edition is in .pdf A4 format, offered as a version for screen and one for print.

“Enjoy! And do spread the word!”

Screen version → http://terentyevpublishing.com/…/Current93_SoftBlackStars_P…
Print version → http://terentyevpublishing.com/…/Current93_SoftBlackStars_P…

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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