Telesterion Performing TONIGHT in Seattle

Telesterion will be performing TONIGHT, Thursday, January 19, starting at 11PM at Studio Seven 110 S Horton St, Seattle, Washington 98134. The band started as a group of friends and alumni of the Eleusyve Rites of Eleusis presentations getting together to make music. Partly it was to perform the songs from the Rites live, partly to get out and play a few originals, and partly to start to pull together ideas for The Rite of Jupiter.


The line up includes:

Jon Sewell is a longtime member of OTO who plays guitar and sings for Telesterion. Additionally, he’s been composing and producing musical adaptions for The Rites of Eleusis for more than a decade with Eleusyve Productions in Seattle

Kat and Tierany are also members of Ignition Fire Troupe:

Melissa Holm is a long time active member of OTO who sings, plays flute and provides additional percussion. She is a founding member of Eleusyve Productions, and performs and directs in the various presentations.

Kristin Holsather started working with Eleusyve during the Rite of Venus. She and Jon met in audio engineering class. She plays rhythm guitar and sings in Telesterion. She has been involved in every Rite since, working behind the scenes in Mercury and Venus, and taking a role on stage during Sol and Mars (Aries in both presentations) as well as taking on associate director duties.

Kat Ralbovsky plays drums – He performed in the Eleusyve presentation of Mercury doing poi and staff work, and starred as Sol in The Rite of Sol.

Tierany Seriflame – Plays keys and sings, she performed doing poi in The Rite of Mercury, and took the role of Besz during the Rite of Sol. She also assisted with some of the early blocking for The Rite of Mars.

Satyr Brucato – plays bass for Telesterion. His partner Sandi has been a photographer for Eleusyve and OTO projects, and the two of them are long time friends of Jon and Melissa. Satyr is also and author, perhaps best know for his work on the RPG “Mage: The Ascension”

Here’s their FB page: (live videos posted)


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