Product to Induce “Earthing”

We’re NOT actively endorsing this product, the Grounded Fitness and Yoga Matbut letting you know about it and the principles supposedly behind it as those will certainly be of interest to some, at least on a theoretical level. Or perhaps with your own further research you’ll find your own application. The product’s site claims:

“A growing body of scientific evidence tells us that Earthing, or grounding, is real, and researchers are coming up with simple, nearly effortless ways to put this energy to work for you.

“Waves of energy transfer to your body when you maintain bare skin contact with the Earth

“Think of the Earth as a giant battery (as it truly is) with its power continuously being recharged by lightning, radiation from the sun, and heat from its molten core.

“When you’re in physical contact with the Earth, waves of energy – or free electrons – transfer to your body. Why is this important?

“The Earth’s energy restores and maintains your body’s most natural electrical state.

“Your body is a sophisticated electrical being with a multitude of electrical circuits. Your cells and organs require electrical energy to function properly. Fascinating, isn’t it?

“Just about every tissue in your body is energized with electrical currents, including your immune system, nervous system, brain, muscles, heart, lungs, and even your behavior!”

…and other such stuff.


thanks to Soror Amy for the tip!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi


    • Can’t argue with you there! Some of these posts are intended to provoke thought, and some, simply amusement.

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