Tarot Advice From A Sorcerer…From New Jersey

The Jersey sorcerer Inominandum posted some very meat and potatoes advice on Tarot reading. While this applies most directly to his three card draw style, the basics likely will apply to other styles of reading.

“Yesterday I was doing a reading for a client that just had just emerged from a fairly serious health issue and is now experiencing a less-serious but still concerning issue. The question is “Whats going on?”. I drew three trumps and was slightly confused at first.

“I started thinking about the symbolism of these cards. Did he travel recently? Is the Emperor telling him to take charge of his healthcare? Does the Pope tell him to seek spiritual healing?  –  Basically I forgot the first two rules rules of reading like a Fortune Teller: Remember the actual question and look plainly at the fucking pictures.

“So what was up with this dudes health? He is getting old. He was young (LeFov), is now in late middle age (Emperor) and is approaching his AARP membership and Senior Citizen discounts (LePape).. In other words, there is nothing “up”. Its just the price of living a long life. That stick that carries all the fools belongings early in life becomes the scepter that the Emperor wields as worldly power, and eventually a Popes crosier that he is holding a little bit like he would need it to get up from that chair.

“It’s also worth mentioning that I remembered these rules only when I asked the cards ‘what are you trying to tell me?’ Ask them and you will be surprised how fast they answer. ”

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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