Taoist Sorcery: Spirit Babies

Collective777’s Robert Buratti notes: “When a Taoist Sorcerer wants or needs a “Spirit Baby” as a spirit servant (spirit helper), he will has to spend many hours or days to carve and prepare a wooden block into a shape of a child. For convenience sake, some Taoist Sorcerers use plastic dolls as substitute.

“After a child figurine is ready to house the child spirit, Taoist Sorcerer proceeds to the graveyard, does a ritual to collect the soul of a dead child and bring back to his Taoist Sorcery Altar to continue with spiritual cleansing, taming and “listening to master” rituals, which take between 49 days to 108 days to completely transform a wild wandering ghost kid into a Taoist Gui-Kia.

“After spending many weeks of transforming a wild wandering ghost kid, into an obedient Gui-Kia (鬼仔) to listen to command, the Taoist Sorcerer will then continue to spend many more weeks and months to train the Gui-Kia (鬼仔) to perform more advanced tasks, such as checking out people, disturb enemies or Provide Winning Lottery (4D / Pick 4) Numbers etc.

“Watch the video below to see the process in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_Wk7aZREWo

Pictured is Buratti’s “Beijing Spirit Baby No.1” oil on canvas – “slowly coming to life” in preparation for Factory718 inaugural show

Buratti Spirit baby

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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