Tantra for All The Path of Nath Tantrika enny Sargent

Tantra for All The Path of Nath Tantrika is a soon to be published book by Denny Sargent. The posted description says:

“Tantra is Magick. The practice of Tantra reaches back thousands of years. It is not a religion like Hinduism, though both share a sometimes uneasy coexistence. Hindus pray to and honor the gods at the direction of Brahmin priests, while every Tantric is a god doing his or her own will, and works with the gods and goddesses on an equal footing. Castes, taboos and proscribed sins are rejected by Tantrics. Tantra is about real freedom—doing your True Will as the star within you is called to do. It is about following your own unique path without accepting dogma, religious texts, taboos or social classes. It requires only a strong, independent will, and a fiery desire for spiritual advancement and liberation. It calls for the embrace of intense practices to develop deep, personal relationships with the gods and goddesses you are drawn to, and the mastery of real magick to cause change in your life and the reality about you.

“Tantra for All is not a survey book about Tantra, nor is it only about sex magick. It is a book on how to do Tantra. It takes you into the Tantric circle of initiates, and provides direct instruction on how to practice effective and powerful Tantric Magick to attain balance, prosperity and spiritual liberation. Tantra for All provides detailed methods you can use to work directly with the gods, goddesses and spirits of Tantra to empower yourself and improve your life. If you follow the instructions, and do the work, you will attain remarkable success.”

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