Denver Airport Attracts Mass Delusion

As NOTOCON will be held in the Valley of Denver this Summer I thought this article about that city’s international airport regularly attracting all manner of esotheric rumors about aliens, institutional conspiracies and the like might amuse ye. An excerpt reads:

‘In recent American history, mass delusions about election fraud and baseless rumors about the Covid-19 pandemic and environmental disasters have burrowed into mainstream discourse and the top echelons of government authority. Technology continues to warp reality. Conspiracy theories about nefarious political and racist plots have been cited by rioters at the U.S. Capitol and perpetrators of mass shootings.

‘The Denver airport is far less terrifying — not so much a society-shaking assault on truth, more an ongoing experiment into whether sometimes, institutional fabulism can just be fun.

‘One official statement was attributed to a “Sr. Illuminati Spokesman.” An employee appeared in a goofy video to explain a suspicious inscription in the Great Hall: “AU AG,” she said, did not represent the Australia antigen, which is associated with viral hepatitis and linked by conspiracy theorists to genocidal plague. Rather, it nodded to gold and silver, metals central to Colorado’s mining history.’

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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