St. Cyprian Protection Spell

In honor of St. Cyprian’s feast day, Jason Miller posted a protection spell on his Strategic Sorcery blog:

Starting on St Cyprians feast day, September 26th, and continuing for the following two days pray The Sorcerer’s Call to Saint Cyprian” followed by this prayer this three times each day. Once at dawn, once at twighlight, and once near midnight. Each time you do it, lay a piece of Devils Shoe String in the book that your St Cyprian holds. If you cannot fit them there, or if you don’t have a statue lay them in your favorite book of magic, or even the bible, in front of an image of Saint Cyprian.

By midnight on the 28th you should have 9 pieces of Devils Shoe String.

“In the name of the great and mighty power of God I invoke the sublime influence of St. Cyprian.
Master of Magic remove all spells worked against me and all bonds placed upon me. Protect me henceforth from any and all curses, bindings, or snares of sorcery.

Oh St Cyprian, you who knows all works of magic well, take hold of all spells set against me and all that ever will. Through your superior power, bind the spirits and send them back to those that sent them, delivering three times the harm they intended for me.

Confuse and confound all who would work against me. Confound them in their coming and in their going, in their leaving and in their returning. Cloud their minds and make blind their eyes, that they may no longer understand magical texts, and their spells become nothing more than empty words spoken into fog and shadow.”

On the morning of the 29th, the feast of St Michael. take the 9 pieces of Devils shoe string and weave them together into a circle. If you can’t create one out of the just the twigs, you can use a red thread to bind them into circle.

Place the ring around a statue of St Michael (Or under a photo or some other image) and pray the Prayer of Str Michael the Archangel three times.

As the sun sets take the Devil’s Shoe String Ring and bury it on your property.

“On this day that St Michael defeated the Devil and cast him out of heaven, so too will all spells and snared against me be cast to the ground and caught in this trap. Whatever St Cyprian has not defeated through magic and guile, St Michael shall defeat with his sword and spear.

There’s also a diabolic spell if you’d prefer. You’ll find it here:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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