St. Cyprian Cartomancy Deck

Hadean Press just opened pre-orders for for Saint Cyprian’s deck of cards: a Cyprianic cartomancy deck by Natalia Lee Forty. The posted description says:

Using as inspiration José Leitão’s work on the Iberian tradition of Saint Cyprian, artist Natalia Lee Forty has created a unique cartomancy deck meant to enter into conversation with the longstanding Lenormand and Sibilla tradition.  

These are Bridge sized cards (57mm x 89mm), printed in colour on Eco Herbage stock with a matte finish, which includes a saddle-sewn booklet of 22 pages all presented in a tin case.

This 40-card deck uses as its foundation the Iberian baraja pack of cards, which contain 4 suits (batons, coins, swords, and cups) ranging from the Ace to 7, with three Court cards. For the illustrations, Natalia mainly surveyed José Leitão’s work on Cyprianic cartomancy, while also looking at other traditional fortunetelling and cartomancy decks.

This deck is simple in its aim, meant to be read as is, taking the card insert and the illustration to be read cohesively within a spread as ideograms, or more contemporaneously worded, pictograms.

Natalia has created the suits to sit within a Cyprianic landscape, both rural and somewhat urban. The suits are as follows: the batons reveal the outside world, the land, country. The cups reveal the inner world, contained within the home, the hearth. Conversely, the suit of coins and the suit of swords blurs these two contrasts, playing with the world contained in the home and that which is encountered outside the home.  

Saint Cyprian’s deck of cards is a beautiful tribute to our beloved saint, and we hope you enjoy using this deck as much as we do.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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