Solo Sex Magick May Alleviate Anxiety

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A recent article in Stylecaster says that masturbation may help women deal with feelings of anxiety. Nine women in the article give brief commentary on why self-love helps them. For example, Rae, 25: “She adds that she can get her own sensations to override the ones she doesn’t want to feel—’to turn that heightened sensitivity from discomfort to pleasure’—and comfort herself, even when she’s feeling most overwhelmed.”

Because sex magick is often focused on orgasm, and female orgasm is a rather complicated matter, it seems that solo sex would be the most accommodating solution. Sure, most folks prefer a partner now and then, but practicality is nice. It may just make it easier to focus, too! And if one’s magical practice also helps one’s mental health, it seems a win-win.

For many people, masturbation can serve as a healthy and accessible way to ‘self-soothe,” Elizabeth Watt, PsyD, licensed clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist, tells StyleCaster. “This can start early in life when a child or teen feels stress and uses masturbation as a way to calm their body and release tension.”

How Masturbation Helps 9 Real Women and Femmes Cope with Anxiety


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