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Peter Jenx has done it again! following the first publication in the Thai Occult series  ‘ Sak Yant’ Magical Tattoos, Seen but rarely understood in the West. Follows a second incredible edition titled ‘The Thai Occult. For this edition Peter has produced a volumous publication covering the living Occult traditions in Thailand.  Primarily sourcing material straight from the mouths of the Ajarns and traditional living custodians themselves. There has never been anything like it! and this work is set to be not just to be a benchmark, but a key that opens a door and gives people an access to the Thai magical world like never before. 

for example – in the West we just read about the Necromantic Arts in Thailand never died! and that doesn’t even scrap the surface




This book is the culmination of three years work and covers the Occult practices in Thailand, from amulets to rituals to blessings. What marks this system is its openness as anyone can begin a life of magic and train themselves using a good amulet.



The Thai Occult book aims to help those interested in this deep and ancient art, either as a practitioner or to use the details within this book to refresh their own practices. Most of the book consists of interviews with some of Thailand’s top makers of talismans, and the section on Rare Sak Yant has unearthed some ancient forms of the art. This section is the appendix to the original The Thai Occult Sak Yant Book by Jenx, which should be read first for a better understanding. It is the hope of the author that this book will become a benchmark for the understanding of the ancient Occult practices of Thailand.



Published by Timeless – 2018 – France
16 x 24 cm – 552 pages in colours – Hardback

The GOLD EDITION has the same content as the SILVER EDITION, but this one includes a numbered and signed bookmark and a metal Yant from Ajarn Apichai.
The Yant is the Lanna Inn Khoo, and it was drawn on a lady’s vagina, which is part of its Wicha. This Yant has a kata, for which I can provide a recording, and it is placed under the mattress to attract partners to your bed for sex, and through that action, the Yant is made stronger. 





Delux edition of The Thai Occult

Standard edition of The Thai Occult

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The Thai Occult online store



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