Solar Syncretism in the Greek Magical Papyri

Alison Chicosky will be doing another PGM presentation September 17-19: Solar Syncretism in the Greek Magical Papyri PGM IV. 1596-1715
The Consecration for All Purposes/ Spell to Helios
Though the ancient Egyptians had many gods, the worship of the sun god was of major importance from the earliest periods until the rise of Christianity. Worshiped under many forms and names, the sun god was also linked to other gods, both Egyptian and foreign.
By late antiquity Egyptian magic was being written in Greek and from the surviving texts we can see that Egyptian syncretization being applied to the Greek gods.
This consecration invokes Helios-Zeus-Sarapis as “greatest god” and “world ruler” and calls on the sun god in twelve animal forms associated with twelve hours, requesting powers be granted to a magical stone or amulet.
This presentation will explore the historical context of the solar animal forms by comparison with art history and excerpts from a PGM-era astrologer. Attendees will also learn practical uses of this spell as an item consecration, and a personal empowerment.
Alison Chicosky is a full time scholar and practitioner of magic. She is the proprietor of Practical Occult ( where she sells pentacles and other enchanted items drawn from her study of ancient arts.
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