Shadow and Opposition in Taoism

UK based, occult-oriented publisher Hadean Press have released a new title The Way of Demons: Shadow and Opposition in Taoist Thought, Ritual, and Alchemy by Simon Bastian. The publisher’s description says:

“In The Way of Demons, Simon Bastian presents the Yin aspect of Taoist practice and theory, which can be called its Shadow side. Demons as a term or categorization are examined through the common if not exhaustive range of societal, psychological and supernatural interpretation, and via the prism of what is called Western Taoism. To a Western Taoist particularly at this unpleasant time of extremism in political direction, the world of demons is an inventive and challenging resource.

“Bastian covers a wide range of topics including Taoist alchemy, the demons of Chinese folklore, Bugang, Yubu and Bagua circle walking, entities of the Tao and more. While The Way of Demons is more of an overview of this shadow aspect of Taoist philosophy and history, Bastian also offers the practical application of using hand forms to exorcise demonic Qi. Extensively researched and based in part on his own experience as a Tai Chi and Qi Gong instructor, the Way of Demons is an informative and respectful glimpse at this hidden side of the Tao.

“Simon Bastian has been a member of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain, the World Taiji Boxing As-sociation, an associate member of the British Taoist Association and the European Taoist Association. He has taught Tai Chi and Qi Gong professionally with Local Education Authorities and as private classes, and has had a long involvement in esoteric studies.

“His other books include Qi Gong: Learning the Way (Green Magic, 2013) and, with David Cypher, Kuan Yin in the West: Invocation and Evocation (Hadean Press, 2014). “

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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