Kesha Launches Occult Podcast

Performer and songwriter K$sha has announced the launch of her own podcast, “Kesha And The Creepies” which will focus on occult experience. Rolling Stone ran a news story that explains in part:

“The interview-format show will feature Kesha chatting with guests about their supernatural experiences, the occult, unexplained mysteries, urban legends, psychedelic art, spirituality, astrology, and more. Alice Cooper will be her first conversation partner, with other guests slated to appear on the first season including Trippie Redd, Tyler Henry, and Whitney Cummings.”

So you know she’s going deep when her first guest is noted ceremonial magician Alice Cooper. One imagines that in the future she’ll be discussing Mr. Crowley with illustrious Thelemic scholar Ozzy Osbourne.  Sheesh.

read the whole item:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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