Sexual Wellness Needs in One Package

Lola's Sexual Wellness Kit

On September 25, Lola introduced a new Sexual Wellness Kit:

The first of its kind, our Sexual Wellness Kit features a selection of products and resources to help women lead a healthy and satisfying sex life. Filled with an assortment of gynecologist-approved condoms, lubricant, and cleansing wipes along with LOLA’s personal, honest, real-life guide to sexual wellness, we’ve got you covered – whether it’s your first time or your hundredth.

Is this the only way to be prepared? Of course not. It’s certainly convenient, though!

Lola specializes in reproductive care for women, by women. They provide both period and sexual health products delivered to your door. The company was founded by two women who wondered tampon brands don’t have to disclose their ingredients.

Lola Sexual Wellness Kit


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