What to Expect from a Sex Coach

Celeste and Danielle

Millions of Americans struggle with sex. We don’t like to talk about our coital troubles, though — so we read Men’s Health and Cosmo in private, hoping that one tip, one magic bullet, will allow us to become sex gods. Maybe sometimes these rapturous new moves work, but more often they lead to disappointment.

No one is born knowing exactly how to be a good lover, and anyone can learn more. Some people gain knowledge on the fly, while others seek education from books, magazines, or films.  Sex therapists and intimacy coaches are also helpful. Celeste and Danielle are sex coaches.

What exactly is a sex coach? That’s going to vary, but according to Uproxx, Celeste and Danielle are the founders of The Somatica Method, “an interactive, experiential approach to sex coaching that helps clients break down emotional barriers connected to sex.” Celeste and Danielle explain more about being a sex coach is really like, what sex coaching does for clients, and how they help with sexual problems.

What It’s Really Like To Be A Hands-On Sex Coach.

Photograph of Celeste and Danielle from their website.

Author’s note: Thelemites believe that man has the right to love as he will. Sometimes this blog offers helpful tips.


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