Crowley’s Copy of Book Of Thoth Up For Sale

An eBay seller is offering The Book of Thoth: Copy Zero, 1st Printing; Crowley’s own copy. The initial offering drew no offers and the title has been relisted. 9 Days left in the current offering. The seller’s description says:

“We are looking to pass along custodianship of Aleister Crowley’s personal copy of his greatest work, (copy zero) The Book of Thoth: A Short Essay on the Tarot of the Egyptians; The Equinox Volume III No V (1944 EV). The book’s page edges were damaged decades ago by fire but the book was rescued from destruction. We have had custodianship of The Book since 1983 and now, we’re ready to be rewarded for our custodianship. The Book has a (left) hand-written unpublished Introduction and annotations throughout in the hand of Crowley. Instead of a signature (as on the other 199 first editions), there is a handwritten axiom inside the front board ‘D’o what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.’ The ‘missing’ color plates have been added and were probably handpainted by both AC and Lady Frieda Harris. Although the page edges have been damaged, the book is readable throughout. Also included are 19 pages of the galley proof that show the last minute change of the ‘Art’ card plus other changes. Crowley initially wanted the card to be the ‘Anvan’ (arrow) but changed it at the last minute to ‘Art.’

“This extremely rare, one-of-a-kind book has been appraised and authenticated by David O’Neill of O’Neill Antiquarian Books, Boston, MA. ”

Starting bid to acquire “custodianship” is listed as $23,093.00

Frater Lux Ad Mundi


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