Servitor or Skeletor?

Our pal Inominadum is offering a webinar on the care and feeding of servitors later this month. Here’s his explanation of the session:

“Servitors, Artificial Elementals, Thoughtforms, Designer Entities: all names for something the Sorcerer creates in spirit and animates through force of will. The idea that a Sorcerer can create an astral form and give it a life to perform magic has become one of the most controversial aspects of magic. The furthest ends of orthodox magic question whether something like this even really happens, or if its just a spirit fulfilling the role. Others question why one would want to create a servitor when surely a spirit would be more powerful. On the opposite end of the spectrum there are those who feel that all traditional gods and spirits are actually servitors created by the human mind. Add to this confusion over the term Tibetan Term Tulpa, and you have a very muddy corner of the occult.

“Even though I obviously make use of spirits, I still make use servitors in my practice. To me they are very different things. In this class I will cut through the controversy and myths so we can focus on the tactics and tech that make this practice useful. For the first time anywhere I will reveal my own system for making servitors, based on Tibetan Mahayoga Kye-Rim practices, and give an example servitor created with this method: Vashya – A Servitor of Influence and Enchantment – pictured above. ”

and here’s the deets:

We will cover:

  • Tulpa – What it is and what it isn’t.
  • Stories of Servitor Success and Failure
  • Why you would create a Servitor instead of summoning a spiirt
  • Popping Servitor Myths
  • Optimum Entity Design
  • Material considerations
  • Stages of Servitor Creation
  • Embedding in Physical Objects
  • Vashya – The Designer Dakini of Enchantment

HOW DOES THIS WORK? This webinar will be held via ZOOM. Hop on with your favorite device for 90 minutes of instruction followd by 45 minutes of Q and A

WHEN IS IT? Wednesday April 26th 9pm. EDT

IS THERE A RECORDING? Yes there is. Everyone who signs up gets a recording of the call whether they attend live or not

WHAT’S THE COST? 50 Bucks. Payable via the link below.

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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