Secrets of Greek Mysticism

Secrets of Greek Mysticism is a new book by George Lizos. The posted description says:

Secrets of Greek Mysticism is the first spiritual book about the Greek gods and goddesses written by a native, practicing priest of Hellenic Polytheism. It goes beyond the simplistic and archetypical representation of the Greek pantheon and instead introduces the gods and goddesses from a theological perspective.

Secrets of Greek Mysticism teaches readers how to find each god or goddess within them. This is achieved through grounded insights on the gods’ virtues as they relate to modern life (i.e., practicing bravery with Ares, cultivating endurance with Demeter, and embodying love with Aphrodite), explaining the deeper spiritual meaning of popular myths, practicing guided meditations, activating the gods’ energies with mantras and hymns, and performing simple rituals.

In helping readers build a spiritual connection with the gods and goddesses, Secrets of Greek Mysticism reveals the beginnings of the practice as well as practices for everyday life:

  • The twelve gods’ birth stories, essences, and virtues
  • The foundation of ancient Greek spirituality, cosmology, and theology
  • How to live and work with the gods on a daily basis
  • Setting up altars
  • Symbols, hymns, and meditations to guide readers’ practice of connecting with the gods

Secrets of Greek Mysticism also makes the claim that for the Divine Feminine to rise, the Divine Masculine needs to rise, too. Rather than solely focusing on female goddesses, it brings together the male and female deities of the Greek pantheon to help readers experience divine union.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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