Eclipsfest 2024 in Joshua Tree

Here’s a submission we received today:

ECLIPSFEST ’24 is an exciting immersion into the world of astrology by examining the coming effects of lunar and solar eclipses on oneself, others, and world events. Participants will learn techniques to personalize and utilize the transformative climactic energy of this lunar eclipse and subsequent planetary transits using specific focused methods.

In addition to workshops and other events, each ECLIPSFEST attendee will receive readings from the workshop presenters.


WHEN: March 22 – 24, 2024

WHERE: The Joshua Tree Retreat Center

Street Address: 59700 29 Palms Highway • Joshua Tree, CA 92252

Email: • (760) 469-9764


ECLIPSFEST is presented by Mat Gleason, known as @AstrologyBlitz, one of social media’s most popular live streaming astrologers. Gleason, a professional astrologer since 1996, working for private clients and authoring horoscopes, is also a successful writer and publisher. He credits astrological timing and insights in helping him conceive and achieve goals for himself and his clients.

Gleason will present workshops on developing and enhancing oneself and one’s circumstances through astrology with the emphasis on the climactic transformative lunar eclipse March 24 and the coming solar eclipse of April 8.

He will lead ECLIPSFEST with other astrologers, readers and spiritualists. Three programmed nights and two full days are planned.

•Deep Dive Discussions on eclipse meanings

•Meet your soulmate chart matching game

•Personal Astrology and Tarot Readings galore

•Equinox and eclipse rituals

•Chart workshops
•Observe the Lunar Eclipse

•Much Much More


Your weekend ticket includes short readings with each workshop presenter: 

ASTROLOGY BLITZ – @AstrologyBlitz is Mat Gleason, a top astrologer in the real world and on his popular @astrologyblitz social media channels. He will lead discussions about how coming eclipses will affect YOU personally as well as impact on world events as measured in the Tropical zodiac. You will learn how to transform this climatic energy and manifest the best possible outcomes for YOU. 

LISA DERRICK is a published author, journalist, film producer, and sorceress who follows the Thelemic dictum, “Success is your proof.” LISA will lead an Equinox ceremony and guide a workshop building on astrological themes to transform and create one’s reality. 

SANDRA VISTA is an exhibiting artist and shaman with deep Southwestern native roots and a specialty in psychometry. At the event SANDRA will conduct a palmistry workshop to transform the image of your palm into a fine art palm print of destiny. 




Your admission ticket to ECLIPSFEST 2024 is $90. This includes over $200 worth of personal readings for each attendee by our celebrants.

Our Friday night mixer is open to the public. All Saturday and Sunday events require this paid admission.

Lodging at the Joshua Retreat Center is NOT included in the ticket price. 



•The Retreat Center is open for check in at 4 PM

•Eclipsfest begins with a casual meet and greet on the grounds at 7 PM with a public mixer – Open to the public, a great chance to meet the many like minded souls in the desert region. We’ll mingle and play astrology themed games like “Meet Your Soulmate” and “Celebrity Astrology Matches”.


•Lecture Presentation THE ECLIPSE IN YOU by Astrology Blitz. This will cover the personal effects for the eclipse with sun signs, houses and moon signs. This is 2 one-hour presentations with a half-hour break in between.

•An after-lunch Equinox ritual to get the astrological new year working in your favor.

•Lecture II – continuing with the theme of eclipses but discussing them in terms of world outlook and human evolution.

•Night of readings

Multiple astrology/Tarot/divinatory stations


•Palmistry Workshop

•More private readings!

Sigil/ritual workshop

•Late night (into Monday morning) LIVE Eclipse Observation (weather permitting, which it usually does in the desert) with option to utilize transformative techniques learned in workshops.

All dates have ample meal breaks and chances to explore the retreat center. 

LODGING at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center is EXTRA. When you purchase your admission online you will be given contact information to receive the ECLIPSFEST 2024 rate for your stay at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center (standard rates are around $125-$300 per night depending on room size and amenities). Lodging at the center is optional. The center can recommend local Airbnb and camping options as well.

FOOD: The retreat center has a vegetarian restaurant on the premises with vegan options. There are markets and restaurants a short drive away as well.

FUN: The purpose of Eclipsfest 2024 is to have fun, to learn about yourself, to enjoy the fellowship of others seeking higher consciousness, and to empower yourself with tools for positive transformation. 

March 22, 23, 24, 2024

Check in March 22, check out March 25

Two and three night stays are available

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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