Scrying class invitation!

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

The Boss asked me to plug my class here… (thanks, Howard!)

I’ve been teaching a periodic class with The Blackthorne School based on a presentation I gave at NOTOCON in 2017 called “Scrying: A Workshop on Esoteric Awareness.” It’s grown into a 6 or 7 session adventure with weekly videos, and exercises and discussion. Much of the discourse happens on a private Facebook page, but we have many opportunities for Zoom-y sorts of things, too.

The class formally starts on October 11, but the FB group is up and busy already.

If you have questions, please PM me on FB or send me an email: harper.feist at gmail.

Very best to you all, and thanks again for the encouragement, Howard!

Love is the law, love under Will.



Scrying: A Workshop on Esoteric Awareness


Harper Feist

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