Saving Rare Books From Landfill

Many old school occultists are passionate bibliophiles with extensive collections of hard-to-find, often expensive-to-acquire physical books. In fact we present so devoted a market that many publishers pointedly create pricey, limited edition tomes with exotic leather bindings, gilt edges and the like. Of course the dream of many bibliophiles is to find the gem in the dungheap – a copy of Equinox Volume V, Number 4 in your local libraries “for sale” pile by the front door.

This New York Times articles will likely set your head spinning – recounting the sophisticated  systems by which certain companies are buying books in bulk at 10 cents per pound and then processing them through both mechanized and human scanning and computerized evaulation to ferret out rare books, come up with appropriate pricing to move titles that otherwise were bound for landfill or recycling plants.

Just imagine having those resources at your command!

book warehouse

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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