Antony Covers Current 93 in New UNICEF Ad

This passed Wednesday, Unicef  launched a new film highlighting its work for children in emergencies. This film features Antony and the Johnsons performing a haunting cover of “SOFT BLACK STARS,” a song from the repertoire of OTO Cabinet member David Tibet’s band Current 93. This is part of Unicef’s “For Every Child In Danger Program.” You’ll find more information here:

In one version of the EGC rite of Baptism of an Adult we find the lines:

“The origins of the Rite of Baptism are lost in antiquity, but its meaning is as clear as living water: it symbolizes birth. The object of this Rite is to commemorate the birth of a child as a member of the Body of Nuit, whose Life is one, individual and eternal; to welcome this individual through a symbolic second birth into the knowledge, fellowship and sanctuary of our Congregation; and to remind us of our duties toward each other, as toward our children and all children.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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